Public Health Official of the Year Award

The Public Health Official of the Year Award recognizes local, state, or federal policy makers for significant contributions, support, and promotion of public health in their communities and/or state of Iowa. 


2019 – Joe Drahos, Sam Sturtz, Cindy Shearer, Milly Ortiz, Ose Akinlotan, Sam Hiscocks, Garrett Pedersen, Andrea White, Justin Meade (Iowa Department of Transportation)

2017 – David Johnson (Iowa State Senator) 

2016 – Kirsten Running-Marquardt (Linn County)

2015 – Linda Langston (Linn County Board of Health/Linn County Board of Supervisors) 

2014 – Art Staed (Iowa State Representative)  

2013 – Lisa Heddens (Iowa State Representative) 

2010 – Patty Judge (Lt. Governor)

2009 – Jack Hatch (Iowa State Senator)

2007 – Ro Foege (Iowa State Representative)

2006 – Amanda Ragan (Iowa State Senator)& Linda Upmeyer (Iowa State Representative) 

2005 – Tom Harkin (Iowa U.S. Senator)

1996 – Charles Grassley (Iowa U.S. Senator)

1994 – Lee Plasier (Iowa State Representative)

1993 – Tom Harkin (Iowa U.S. Senator)

1992 – David Osterberg (Iowa State Representative)