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APHA Public Health Action (PHACT) Campaign

Each summer APHA mobilizes its members to meet with and educate members of the U.S. Congress during the August recess.  In 2010, the APHA PHACT campaign is focused on three priorities:

  1. Increasing public health funding.
  2. Supporting healthy transportation policies.
  3. Improving child nutrition and wellness policies.

IPHA has actively participated in the PHACT Campaign since 2006. 

Click here to learn more and access the PHACT campaign toolkit.

APHA Get Ready Campaign

The Get Ready Campaign provides information, resources and tools so that all individuals, families and communities in the United States are more prepared for a potential influenza pandemic, outbreack of an emerging infectious disease or other hazard or disaster.

Healthiest Nation in One Generation

APHA launched an exciting, new viral video campaign. The Healthiest Nation in One Generation video tells the story of the many ways that public health touches our lives. Nearly 25,000 people have already viewed the video online, and the numbers continue to grow each day. If you haven’t checked out the video, watch it today and be sure to share it with your colleagues, family and friends. And stay informed by visiting

 We all have to do our part. What will you do?

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