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12 Dec 2018 11:10 AM | Anonymous member

Treasurer’s Report

By: Bonnie Rubin

I have had the honor of serving as IPHA’s treasurer since 2014.  This will be my last column since I plan to turn over my spreadsheets to fresh eyes and ideas starting the next board term in January.  A lot has happened since I first started this job. There have been challenges but there have been many more successes in the past few years.  I can think of two major challenges that we have turned into successes.  The first is no longer passing a deficit budget.  It was a hard decision yet, in 2016, when we had to transfer $30,000 from our savings to cover current expenses, the board understood that critical decisions must made in our financial management.  These decisions, although emotionally and professionally hard, along with significant strategic planning for the future have allowed us to achieve the second major challenge – establishing the Executive Director as a full-time employee position.  We converted the position from a contractor to an employee position over a year ago. The Board voted in October to make the position full time starting immediately.  The decision was based on our meeting the goal of reaching $51,000 in savings.  We are at $36,118 and with additional funding anticipated from grant funds the continued transfer of $1,750 from savings into our checking account we will reach that goal.  For the end of fiscal year 2018 (IPHA is on a calendar fiscal year), we anticipate a small positive margin.  

The Board passed a conservative budget for 2019.  Even with increased expenses, we anticipate a significant positive margin.   In addition to revenues from membership dues, donors and meetings, we anticipate significant grant/contract funding from an anonymous donor for capacity building, Telligen Community Initiative, IDPH Immunization funding, and the Midwestern Public Health Training Center (Region VII) located at the University of Iowa College of Public Health.  The Board has developed guidelines for selection of what grants and contracts IPHA will pursue based on the synergy of the opportunity being consistent with IPHA’s mission and our capabilities.  The goal and expectations of what IPHA will accomplish this coming year is challenging yet very exciting. 

As I sign off as IPHA’s Treasurer, I want to remind everyone of the importance in supporting your professional organization.  Please consider becoming a sustaining donor.  It’s easy and painless.  Most importantly, it contributes to assuring IPHA’s existence and continued awesome work in the future.  But I can’t go until I thank everyone I have worked with on the IPHA Board and committees.  But a special shout out needs to go to Jeneane Moody.  Thank you, Jeneane, for your patience, passion and perseverance throughout these years.

I am so excited for the future of IPHA!

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