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IPHA Donors: Investing in the Health of Iowans

01 Jun 2018 3:13 PM | Anonymous member

Money Donation Donate Profit Give Help ChaIPHA thanks our donor community, many of whom are also IPHA members, for supporting IPHA to assure that IPHA continues to be the voice for public health in Iowa and engaged in important public health discussions and decisions affecting Iowans.

Feeling inspired to contribute?  Explore the many ways you can donate today here.

Marti Anderson (October 2017)

Jane Borst (November 2017)

Sally Clausen (September 2017)

Pam Deichmann (April 2017)

Delta Dental of Iowa (November 2017)

Sarah Dricken (September 2017)

Dr. Ronald Eckoff (November 2017)

Di Findley (November 2017)

Dawn Gentsch (November 2017)

Jody Harmesen (January 2018)

Shelley Horak (November 2017)

Beth Jones (March 2017, December 2017)

Cheryll Jones (December 2017)

Linda Kinman (March 2017)

Mary Lawyer (December 2017)

John Lundell (December 2017)

Maren Lenhart (March 2017, August 2017, December 2017)

Julie McMahon (July 2017, November 2017)

Tom Newton (April 2017)

Susan Pohl (December 2017)

Ann Robinson (March 2017, December 2017)

Rachel Schramm (December 2017)

Ken Sharp (November 2017, December 2017)

Scott Slater (November 2017)

Bruce Thorson (September 2017)

Lina Tucker Reinders (July 2017)

Mary Weaver (December 2017)

Wellmark Foundation BluesCare Giving Program (August 2017, February 2018)

Sustaining Donors

- This special category of giving provides a stable investment in IPHA's mission.

Barbara Chadwick

Dr. Russ Currier

Kaitlin Emrich

Shelley Horak

Sherri Marine

Rae Miller

Dr. Mary Mincer Hansen

Pam Mollenhauer

Jeneane Moody 

Danielle Pettit-Majewski

Bonnie Rubin

Rachel Schramm

Ken Sharp

Sarah Taylor Watts

Deborah Thompson

Deb Vander Plas

Dr. Jeremy Whitaker

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