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President's Column: Uniting and Strengthening the Voice for Public Health in Iowa

13 Sep 2018 5:00 PM | Anonymous member

By: Beth Jones, IPHA President

Hot off the press and finally here!  As many of you know, based on our time together in April at the annual meeting and our summer issue preview, it was time for IPHA to update our strategic plan to strengthen and clarify our position as a public health leader and advocate.  As a result of our work as a board, and engagement with you this spring, IPHA has a new strategic plan.  The strategic plan includes new mission and vision statements as well as values for our organization that we believe better clarify our role as an organization as well as solidify our work over the next few years. 

  • Mission:  Uniting and strengthening the voice for public health in Iowa.
  • Vision: A healthy and thriving Iowa because of the strong foundation laid by public health.
  • Values: Independent and respected. United and inclusive. Focused and proactive.

The new strategic plan outlines the core functions of IPHA, the goals for each of our core functions and the strategic approach the board chose to “focus the network.”  As a part of this continued focus, we explicitly outline things we, as a board, chose not to prioritize.  As an organization, we believe we are a “hub” in a “network of hubs” with a unique role and we worked hard to prioritize the resources of IPHA through this strategic plan.  Things you will notice when you look at the overview of the plan is that the board will be working hard over the next few years to build fundraising capacity to better staff the organization, develop our ability to better communicate and share public health messages, grow as a board in our expertise, and continue to lead public health in Iowa through advocacy efforts.  

Developing the strategic plan was not easy, and neither are the challenges ahead.  We are ready for the challenges and invite you to join us by inviting new members, providing a donation, giving of your time and continuing to support IPHA as we work to advance public health in Iowa. 

To review the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, please click here.  The document is intended to be a high level overview, so please reach out to any of the board of directors if you have any questions! Now let’s go do great work!

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